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Doodle Degens is a collection of 6969 unique NFTs that are AI generated with complex rarities on the Ethereum Blockchain. Inspired but not affiliated with Doodles or Degenerate Ape Academy, Doodle Degens was derived by combining both artwork styles of the two collections.


our BANANAS roadmap is highly concentrated on giving back to the Doodle Degens community. so many ETH, so many Doodles NFTs, so many bananas.....forever and ever !




One of the World's highest rated NFT freelancers and a award winning game dev with a decade of experince in crypto.



Mastermind in blockchain development and the master of cats.



Artist and a fourth-degree black belt hodler.


How to Banana?

Connect your Metamask wallet on our website and choose the amount of Doodle Degens you want to mint.
Then, click mint and Bananaas, your Degen will show up on your Opensea wallet.
If you still don't understand how to, search "how to mint a nft through metamask" on Youtube.

When to Banana ?

To be announched. Join our discord for latest news and Whitelist spots.

How much Banana ?

0.05 ETH + Gas Fees

Bananas to Degens ?

Doodle Degens roadmap is designed in such a way that the most active members and hodlers with most Doodle Degen NFTs have more entries for the raffles.
Will also use verifiable sites like twitterpicker.com to select them ( 100% transparency ) and we will reward them with ETH, Doodles or any other NFTs they like to own.

We will send ETH to a community wallet that everyone can see the transactions of and will giveaway 110 ETH ( almost Half a Million dollars worth of ETH ) to our Doodle Degens community.
And we will continue to giveaway 25% of all profits made from Royalties of Opensea sales each month to the Degen community, hopefully millions of dollars.

Together, Degens, RICH !

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